Flight:Habit & Goal Tracker

Flight is a tool that works across all devices and makes it simple to develop good habits, reach your goals, and realize your dreams!

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What is Flight?

Flight is a simple, yet powerful app that not only allows you to track your habits and goals, but also boosts your incentive to succeed by allowing you to commit to real-world stakes to help hold yourself accountable. Flight also works across all your devices in real-time, without any need for syncing - and its sleek design is a joy to use, making habit tracking easier than ever before!

Track simple habits like "Quit smoking cigarettes" or "Meditate every day", all the way up to huge bucket list goals such as "Hike Mt. Everest" or "Earn my black belt".

Making your goals public dramatically increases your probability to succeed, and through Flight you can hold yourself accountable by publicly announcing your commitment! If you're really serious, you can set up your money to be donated to a charity in the event that you’re unsuccessful - or if you really want to stay motivated, commit to your success by paying an anti-charity (for example, a political group you oppose such as Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton) in the event that you quit.

You can also make a monetary bet with a friend (or foe), or even set custom stakes such as agreeing to post an embarrassing picture on Social Media if you don’t follow through. If you’re really serious about success, put your money where your mouth is!

Build good habits. Set life goals. Challenge yourself and others to succeed. Flight has all the tools you need to take your life to new heights.

And best of all, Flight is completely free! Why not give it a try and see for yourself?


Trump Your Goals

Flight has everything you'll need to plan and accomplish your goals. The simple yet powerful interface makes managing goals easy and rewarding.

Join others and #TrumpYourGoals!

Track Your Habits

Track habits you’ve been trying to build or quit, such as exercise or smoking, and earn Habit Streaks by consistently succeeding at your habit.

Try not to break the chain!

Set Your Stakes

Dramatically increase your chance for success by being held publicly accountable! Create a commitment contract, set stakes, and share progress with others who are vested in your results.

Share Your Progress

As you get closer to the finish line, Flight makes it simple to share your progress with family and friends.

Trump Your Goals

  • Flight’s SMART Goal Management System allows you to plan your life, from your big bucket list all the way down to the small goals for this week.
  • Dashboard layout creates a simple overview of everything from lifetime goals to daily habits
  • Visual progress indicators make tracking your goals easier than ever

Track Your Habits

  • Easily record activity for both good and bad habits
  • Assign custom categories to habits and goals for all areas in your life
  • Organize your daily routine with Habit Groups such as Morning and Evening Rituals

Set Your Stakes

  • Setting stakes with a friend or a foe dramatically boosts your drive to succeed
  • Pledge money to a charity or an anti-charity if you fail to accomplish your goal for added motivation
  • By creating a commitment contract, and setting a deadline, you give yourself additional motivation to achieve. A Chapman University Research Study proves that you are 3x more likely to accomplish a goal if you put money on the line!

Share your progress

  • Keep friends and family up to date
  • Share your progress via social network integration
  • Celebrate your success with others!